What are maNFTs? On Chronos, staked liquidity positions are represented as a special type of financial NFT that we call an maNFT. Your maNFT tracks which pools you’ve provided liquidity to, the amount of liquidity provided, and the amount of time your position has been staked. Staked positions earn a boost on their CHR emissions over time, before maxing out at a 2X weighted boost after 6 weeks. For more information about staking, as well as maNFTs in general, please see the relevant section in our documentation: https://docs.chronos.exchange/product-docs/dex-functionality/liquidity-pools Can veNFTs be split and merged? Merging is possible, however, you must be careful when merging to avoid losing your pending rewards. Make sure that you are merging into the veNFT that has the pending rewards. This will ensure that the veNFT ID that points to those rewards is preserved. Splitting veNFTs while rewards are pending will result in a loss of those rewards. What about maNFTs? Can they be split and merged? Yes. maNFTS can be split or merged as long as they are at the same level of maturity. Splitting or merging veNFTs will automatically claim rewards from the contract prior to splitting or merging, so there is no need to worry about a potential loss of rewards.

Do I need to manually vote each epoch, or will my vote carry over each epoch?

You must vote manually each epoch in order to earn rewards. Failure to vote will still direct votes to the selected gauge each epoch, but you will not receive fees and bribes unless you vote each epoch.

How close to the end of the epoch am I able to change my vote?

Votes can be changed up to 1 hour before the end of the epoch. Any interaction with the voting contract, including resetting votes, will result in the user being ineligible to vote during the final hour of the epoch. If you have not interacted with the voting contract at all during the epoch, you may cast your votes one time during the final hour. When can I claim my veCHR rewards?

There is a one-week delay between the epoch during which votes were cast, and the epoch in which they can be claimed. For example, if you voted for a gauge during Epoch 1, you will be able to claim the bribes and fees from that gauge at the beginning of Epoch 3. I have a staked position, and I am unable to withdraw my liquidity. What should I do?

You must unstake your position before you will be able to withdraw your liquidity from the pool. For detailed instructions on how to add, remove, stake, and unstake positions, please see the related guide in our documentation: https://docs.chronos.exchange/product-docs/guides/liquidity-and-staking

I am experiencing an error with the UI (balance not displaying properly, can’t add liquidity, rewards not displaying, etc.). What should I do? Try refreshing the page, doing a hard refresh (CTRL+F5/CMD+5), and clearing cache. If you are interacting with the dApp via a mobile device, try accessing it again from a desktop. I’ve tried all this and I’m still having problems. What should I do?

If you’ve already completed some basic troubleshooting, then open a ticket. When opening a ticket, please include as much information as possible: things like your wallet address, the transaction hash, the affected tokens and pools, screenshots of the error, etc. The more information you provide in your ticket, the easier and quicker it will be for the team to resolve your issue.

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