Partner List

This list will be updated as our partner network grows.

  1. Overnight Finance Overnight is a DeFi protocol behind USD+, DAI+, and other yield generating stablecoins

  2. QiDao Protocol QiDao are the stewards of MAI finance, a decentralized platform for issuing MAI, a multichain stable asset backed by users' collateralized debt positions

  3. Inverse Finance Inverse are the issuers of the DOLA stablecoin, a fully collateralized, debt-backed asset based on the Ethereum network

  4. Tangible DAO Tangible is an ecosystem for tokenized RWAs, and the issuers of the USDR stablecoin, a dollar-pegged token backed by their real estate portfolio

  5. Ethos Reserve Ethos Reserve is a decentralized protocol for issuing the Ethos Reserve Note, a stablecoin backed entirely by ETH and BTC CDPs

  6. Olympus DAO Olympus DAO are the stewards of OHM, a range-bound asset backed by the Olympus DAO treasury

  7. Jarvis Network Jarvis is a decentralized protocol specializing in the issuance of non-USD denominated stablecoins

  8. Angle Protocol Angle protocol is a decentralized lending service that issues CDP loans denominated in agEUR, a euro-pegged stablecoin

  9. Root Protocol Root is an omni-chain governance aggregator and liquidity accretion protocol designed to add value to the ROOT token, a floating-peg currency backed by the Root Protocol treasury

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