Initial Distribution

Breakdown of the Initial Supply

Our ambitious tokenomics design incentivizes positive behavior from all participants for the benefit of all stakeholders. Our launch partners will receive an initial veCHR position to help them get started, and a group of loyal users from each partner protocol will receive a veCHR/CHR airdrop, which will also include early supporters (chrNFT minters, chrNFT stakers, chrNFT holders, loyal members of the protocols, etc.) We plan to airdrop a combination of locked and unlocked tokens to over 16,000 total users throughout the ecosystem.

While early participants will benefit from the initial veCHR allocation, our tokenomics encourage mutual value creation and encourage continued participation in the Chronos protocol.

25%veCHR Protocol Airdrop

25% of the initial supply is allocated to airdrop protocols that demonstrate their willingness to engage with our liquidity layer. When evaluating the available protocols, we have examined a wide range of factors, such as TVL, trade volumes, and products. We have also sought to find a balance between native Arbitrum protocols and bringing those from other chains to Arbitrum.

The amount of veCHR airdropped to each protocol is variable and depends on the needs and value-add of each individual protocol; this ranges from 0.3% - 0.8% each. These amounts are just enough to familiarize the protocols with the ecosystem and give them a headstart. Importantly, because of our no-rebase model (see here) and the balanced quantities, it leaves space for these protocols to continue to acquire $CHR to maintain long-term liquidity incentives.

The list of protocols receiving the airdrop is listed here and will be updated leading up to the official launch of the platform.

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