Lost Keys of Chronos (chrNFT)

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The Lost Keys of Chronos (chrNFT) are a limited collection of 5,555. Each one grants you access to multiple revenue streams and a dedicated role within the community.

  • Private sale price: 0.30 $ETH

  • Whitelisted mint price: 0.325 $ETH

  • Public mint price: 0.35 $ETH

60% of funds from sales go towards providing $CHR liquidity and treasury at launch. The remaining 40% will go to continued development, marketing, audits, design, team and other expenses.

chrNFT Benefits

  • Airdrop for Minters: this airdrop goes to everyone that minted a chrNFT, regardless of if they hold onto the NFT or not (810 CHR per NFT minted, distributed as 50% liquid CHR tokens and 50% veCHR locked for 2 years). An option to claim all 810 tokens as veCHR on day 1 (April 27, 2023) has been provided rather than the default vesting schedule.

  • Airdrop for Holders: this airdrop will be sent to anyone holding a chrNFT at the time of the snapshot -April 26, 2023 at 22:00PM UTC (311 veCHR locked for 2 years)

  • Royalties for Minters: 2% of secondary sale royalties will go to chrNFT minters for life. This is regardless of whether they hold or stake their NFTs or not. These funds will be distributed monthly

  • Royalties for Stakers: 1% of secondary sale royalties will be added to the staking pool and will be claimable by those that stake their chrNFTs

  • veCHR Royalties for Stakers: A royalty was introduced to OTC veCHR NFT sales, of which 3% will go to those staking chrNFTs.

  • Fee Revenue for Stakers: a portion of all trading fees generated by the DEX will be distributed to chrNFT stakers. All fees will be converted and distributed in ETH.

    • NFTs must be staked to earn fees. The chrNFT fee schedule is as follows:

      • Months 1-3: 20%

      • Months 4-6: 15%

      • Months 7-∞: 10%

Secondary Marketplaces:

The Lost Keys of Chronos chrNFTs are tradeable at:

Zonic: http://bit.ly/414QePW WenMoon: http://bit.ly/3zsMonZ Tofu Market: https://bit.ly/3nLuDh6

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