The RISE Incentives

Fenix provides a non-inflationary and native rewards programme for protocols and users.

The RISE Incentives Programme is funded by 50% of protocol rebasing yield and the RISE veNFT (10% of initial supply). All rewards will be converted into FNX and veFNX.

Whilst the Soldily model already selects for the most productive pools over time, The RISE provides a novel mechanism to reward the most productive ecosystem participants. Both protocols and users who bribe and lock FNX will receive a veFNX bonus. As both voting revenue and rebasing yield scale up with more liquidity, the RISE will automatically scale and grow to support users and eliminates the need for Fenix to rely on chain incentives. Any incentives received like Blast Gold will also enter the RISE, further enhancing demand for FNX. We will also bribe match with liquid FNX to incentivise new and exsisting partner pools. This means Fenix can double the incentives provided on the platform to significantly lower the cost for protocols to grow and build liquidity. We will focus these incentives on new Blast-native teams where the cost of building liquidity can be a "make or break" scenario for many teams. This will make Fenix the most attractive platform for new teams to launch and provides a path for Fenix to operate as the native liquidity layer for Blast.

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