Working Together

Fenix will operate entirely for the benefit of Blast traders, protocols and liquidity providers. Our goal is to foster the next generation of protocols on Blast who are dedicated to building innovative and impactful protocols. Develop Native Projects: We believe that protocols dedicated to Blast are optimally aligned with the growth of the network and will be the source of real and organic chain adoption. Supporting Real Use Cases: Focusing on creating novel and exciting DeFi use cases is critical towards furthering DeFi. If you commit to building secure, decentralised and permissionless platforms we will do everything we can to support your development. Rewarding Real Impact: Through our RISE programme, Fenix will provide protocols with lock and bribe based $veFNX incentives. This will create a meritocratic environment that allows the best builders to gain access to increasing governance power and liquidity at the lowest possible cost. Network Development: Fenix leverages an existing and extensive partner list that consists of over 40 of the top builder teams in DeFi. We already have 10+ teams deploying with us on Blast. By partnering with us, we will provide direct access to this network and will help you to build and realise your goals.

Incentives Matching: We commit to reinvest our Blast airdrop with key partner protocols to drive up incentives efficiency which will generate deeper liquidity and user adoption. Optimal Liquidity Strategies: Through a complete suite of AMM products, customisable fees and UNIV4 plugins and hooks, Blast protocols and builders will be able to deploy their liquidity strategies with maximum functionality to ensure the best trading conditions for your users. You will also have access to our concentrated liquidity management providers who can help you design optimal strategies for your users. Community Focused: By being 100% community owned, locking and voting $veFNX enables real participation and governance. As a protocol, growing protocol governance power through $veFNX is a genuine reflection of your position in Fenix with low risk of competing interests. If you’re interested or would just like to have a discussion, please DM us directly on Twitter or reach out to us via Discord on our partnership channel! We RISE together.

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