The Fenix Nest

Removing complexity from voting for protocols and users.

The Fenix Nest provides a superior liquidity marketplace for protocols on Blast. The Nest provides a voting optimiser, vote delegator, and an auto-compounder that sits within a native bribes marketplace all within one platform.

The Nest provides native voting delegation that allows any user or protocol to delegate their voting power without losing ownership of their veFNX NFT.

Fenix will offer a passive experience that selects the most optimal voting strategy to collect fees and bribes and that compounds rewards into relocking FNX to maximise voting power over time. For protocols, this means voting for your own pools, collecting underlying revenue and growing increasing governance power over emissions. The Fenix Nest removes the need to vote every week and automates the process of building liquidity at low cost.

This is a significant improvement in user experience and will maximise revenue for veFNX holders over a system that requires multiple value extractive layers. Furthermore, this efficiency in design encourages more positive-sum outcomes through users and protocols who can compound their voting power and rewards. Fenix provides the entire infrastrucutre that powers the Curve ecosystem on one platform. For these reasons, we believe Fenix is best positioned to be the home for liquidity on Blast.

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