The Unified AMM

Fenix will deploy an advanced modular AMM architecture that is a real step forward in functionality for liquidity pool deployment, capital efficiency, price execution and fee generation on exchange assets.

A Unified AMM: Fenix and partner protocols will have access to a complete set of liquidity pool deployment options. Through the Algebra Integral Engine, Fenix will take capital efficiency to a new level through concentrated liquidity and the ability to integrate UNIV4-style plugin and hooks. Algebra Integral V4 CLAMM:

  • Concentrated liquidity

  • Plugin and hook functionality

  • Dynamic Fees: Based on volatility, volume and liquidity, Fenix will dynamically adjust swap fees according to real time market data in a pool specific manner. This means that the DEX will generate maximum trading volume and revenue over time.

Standard Solidly Pools:

  • UNIV2-style vAMM pools

  • Stable swap sAMM pools

Manual Liquidity Management: Professional liquidity providers will benefit from fully customisable ranges, a sleek UI and secure codebase. Automated Liquidity Management: Concentrated liquidity pools require active management and we want liquidity provisioning to be a seamless user experience. Fenix is partnering with leading liquidity managers to make providing liquidity as easy as depositing with one token and sitting back to earn $FNX emissions as your position is automatically managed. Fenix is the complete AMM product that is at the forefront of liquidity technology and best-in-class user experience.

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