The Unified AMM

Fenix will deploy an advanced modular AMM architecture that is a real step forward in functionality for liquidity pool deployment, capital efficiency, price execution and fee generation on exchange assets.

A Unified AMM: Fenix and partner protocols will have access to a complete set of liquidity pool deployment options. Through the Algebra Integral Engine, Fenix will take capital efficiency to a new level through concentrated liquidity and the ability to integrate UNIV4-style plugin and hooks. Algebra Integral V4 CLAMM:

  • Concentrated liquidity

  • Plugin and hook functionality

  • Dynamic Fees: Based on volatility, volume and liquidity, Fenix will dynamically adjust swap fees according to real time market data in a pool specific manner. This means that the DEX will generate maximum trading volume and revenue over time.

Standard Solidly Pools:

  • UNIV2-style vAMM pools

  • Stable swap sAMM pools

Manual Positions: Professional liquidity providers will benefit from fully customisable ranges, a sleek UI and secure codebase. Automated Liquidity Management: Concentrated liquidity pools require active management and we want liquidity provisioning to be a seamless user experience. Fenix is partnering with leading liquidity managers like Ichi, Steer Protocol and Gamma Strategies to make providing liquidity as easy as depositing with one token and sitting back to earn FNX emissions as your position is automatically managed. Fenix is the complete AMM product that is at the forefront of liquidity technology and best-in-class user experience.

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