An Efficient Marketplace for Liquidity

Taking the best of ve-tokenomics and removing the inefficiency.

To deliver on the promise of a better user experience and efficient marketplace for liquidity, Fenix is eliminating the significant inefficiency, value extraction and complex UX that is typically associated with ve-type DEX models.

Removing the LP Boost

We view the LP boost as an outdated component from the Curve model. The formula itself puts individual users or smaller protocols at a huge disadvantage relative to protocols or whales who can realistically accumulate enough voting power to achieve maximum emissions.

Additionally, Curve-like ecosystems require additional layers to implement a bribe marketplace, auto-compounding, voting delegation and aggregators. Whilst the system can work, this leads to inefficiency and excessive value extraction as each protocol takes their share of fees and makes it difficult for users or protocols to participate effectively.

This is what is at stake for Blast, who have the Thruster (Curve/Balancer) and Hyperlock (Convex/Aura) approach to network growth. By removing the LP Boost, Fenix gives users and protocols who hold veFNX and LPs a much lower barrier to entry to earn maximum revenue.

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