An Incentives Model Built For Ecosystem Growth

The Fenix model is built for Blast ecosystem growth and is powered by a simple and effective formula:

• $FNX emissions for LPs

• 100% of platform revenue for $veFNX voters Rewards generated will serve as economic stimulus for the entire Blast chain, accelerating its growth and increasing its resiliency.

Deep Ecosystem Liquidity: As a team, we are steadfast in our commitment to power liquidity for the most crucial assets in the Blast ecosystem. To achieve this, protocol vote power will be reserved to drive $FNX emissions towards core ecosystem, $ETHB, $USDB and $BLAST pools. We believe this is an essential component for Fenix to accelerate deep liquidity and ecosystem adoption.

Deep Protocol Liquidity: Fenix natively provides an efficient marketplace for protocols to source liquidity by depositing incentives to their pools to attract $veFNX votes and emissions. By onboarding new protocols, Fenix will drive Blast growth and adoption, and will become the default pricing dominant exchange on new long-tail assets.

Native Protocol Grants: To drive the next-generation of new Blast protocols, Fenix will allocate a significant proportion of initial voting power to the RISE veNFT. The RISE will use 100% of its voting revenue to buy back and lock $FNX which will be distributed to lockers and protocols on a bribe- and lock-based performance basis. This significantly enhances incentives efficiency and provides a direct path to reward participants who are providing most value to the Blast ecosystem with a larger share of governance power over $FNX emissions. FNX Price Stability: $FNX liquidity pools will benefit from single token deposits to simplify user experience and are driven by on-chain market making aimed at reducing downside volatility, thereby enhancing the overall resilience of the Fenix ecosystem.

Community Focused: Fenix will be 100% community owned with no outside or VC investment. By taking a stake in Fenix by locking and voting with $veFNX is to have genuine ownership over platform governance within a decentralised ecosystem.

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