Chronos has been fully audited by Certik before launch with no critical findings:

Except for minor comments, all issues have been resolved. There is one medium-severity item that involves CHR held in the deployer contract (centralization risk). These tokens will be transferred to the emissions contract before launch, which will correct this issue permanently.

The "soft metrics" of Operational Stability, Market Volatility, and Governance Strength will continue to improve Chronos Launches and builds a successful track record.

Codebase Background

For full transparency, Chronos Finance was adapted from THENA, which was adapted from Velodrome codebase, which is directly derived from the Solidly smart contracts that have been open sourced in March 2022.

THENA was completely audited by PeckShield on March 25, 2023:

The AMM part of Solidly has been audited by PeckShield that revealed 5 low-severity and 1 informal findings. There have been no security-related incidents involving Solidly smart contracts since their deployment on Fantom in February 2022.

The Velodrome codebase underwent a security audit and a peer review as part of a Code4rena bug bounty contest. All high or medium-risk issues were resolved pre-deployment, except for one known issue (users can claim eligible rewards from ExternalBribe contracts more than once) that has been addressed via a wrapped contract solution.

The main differences between Solidly's/Thena's original code and Chronos Finance's code are the Reliquary substitution for Masterchef contract, tokenomics, and how emissions are deployed (no rebase).

The Reliquary is an open-ended, 3x audited platform with a plugin system developed by the Byte Masons team.

Ongoing Bug Bounty

We launched a $100k bug bounty program with ImmuneFi; full details here:


All contract modifications will be made through a 5/8 multisig. All changes are further guarded by a timelock contract that requires a 24-hour delay before contract upgrades can take affect.


Dani (Lead Developer)


Atila (CTO & Co-Founder)


Satsy (CMO & Co-Founder)


0xCronos (CEO & Co-Founder)


SAMSoN (Byte Masons)


Sim! (Sphere Finance)


Lafa (Deus DAO)


Hoops (Equalizer)


All treasury funds are controlled by the team Gnosis Safe multi-sig wallet.

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