The Best Rate on Every Trade

Dynamic Swap Engine

Chronos uses the same hybrid swap engine seen in other modern DEXs. We use a different swap algorithm depending on how closely correlated assets are to one another.

  • vAMM β€” for assets with low price correlation, Chronos uses the Uniswap V2 swap algorithm (x*y=k)

  • sAMM β€” for closely correlated assets, Chronos uses the Solidly stable-swap algorithm (x^3y*y^3xβ‰₯k)

Best-in-Class User Interface

Through a collaboration with Odos Protocol, we’ve developed a dynamic swap engine that powers all trades made on the Chronos DEX. The routing engine automatically seeks out the best returns on every trade from the available pools.

Chronos users can trade with confidence, knowing they’re getting the best rate on every trade without the need to search it out for themselves.

Swap Fees

Chronos's adapted fee structure enables competitive swap prices, as well as strong revenue generation for veCHR voters, leading to an increase in both locking rates and incentives for liquidity provisions.

  • vAMM : 0.20%

  • sAMM : 0.04%

The transaction fees on pools can be adjusted strategically to capture maximum revenues to veCHRvoters.

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