Gauge Voting / Bribing

By locking $CHR for $veCHR, users earn the right to vote on the platform's gauges.

Gauges control the rate of emissions to different liquidity pools on the DEX. Pools that receive more votes earn a greater proportion of $CHR incentives for that epoch.

Gauge Voting

Each epoch lasts for 7 days, after which all bribes and trading fees are distributed as a lump sum to voters. You earn only from the gauges (pools) you have voted for.

  • Trading fees and bribes are claimable as a lump sum after the next Epoch has ended (n+2). So when voting for Epoch 1, rewards are claimable immediately at the start of Epoch 3.

  • Changing votes in the following epoch will not affect rewards that are pending claim.

  • Farming Boost: This feature has not been included to prevent toxic and centralized value extraction on Chronos. Allowing decentralized governance over $CHR emissions over time.

  • You have to vote weekly (or use an optimizer) to be eligible for fees and bribes.

  • You can change or reset your vote at any time, except for within 1 hour of the epoch ending, to prevent voter manipulation.

  • If you have not voted yet in the epoch, you will still be able to cast your first vote within the last 1 hour of the epoch.

  • If you forget to vote, the weight of your vote remains, but you will not receive the bribes and trading fees for that epoch.

Gauge Whitelisting

New gauges need to be manually whitelisted by the Chronos team.

To request a custom gauge, contact the team through Discord or fill out our Google Form.


On Chronos, outside parties to provide economic incentives (called bribes) to help convince $veCHR voters to vote for specific gauges each epoch.

Our bribe marketplace is permissionless and open to the public, and anyone can add a bribe for any pair on the platform with just a few clicks. Only whitelisted tokens can be offered as bribes.

Bribes can be made at any time during the epoch, and are held in escrow for the duration of the epoch for which they've been offered, and $veCHR voters can collect them as a lump sum once the epoch is complete.

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