veNFT Management Guide

Creating a New veNFT

To create a new locked veCHR position and mint a new veNFT, navigate to the "Lock" tab at the top of the screen and click the "Create Lock" button.

From the Lock Creation screen, indicate the amount of CHR you wish to lock, as well as the duration of the lock period. Locking CHR for longer durations gives the user more voting power over the paltform's gauges, thereby also making them eligible for a higher proportion of the voting rewards, fees, and bribes each epoch.

Adding to Existing veNFTs

To lock more CHR into an existing veCHR position, navigate to the "Lock" tab at the top of the screen. Find the NFT you wish to add to, and click the "Manage" button.

From the "Manage" tab on the Manage Lock screen, type in the amount of CHR you wish to add to your position, and click "Increment Position".

Extending the Lock Duration

You can also extend the amount of time oyu want your veNFT to remained locked. Doing so will increase your voting power. From the "Manage" tab on the Manage Lock screen, select the amount of time you would like to extend the lock (up to 2 years maximum), and click the "Extend Duration" button. Note that lock durations can be extended, but not reduced.

Merging veNFTs

If you have two veNFTs that you would like to merge into a single position, select the "Merge" tab from the Manage Lock screen. Select the veNFT you would like to merge with, and click "Merge". Note that if you have pending rewards on one of your veNFTs, merging it into another veNFT will result in the loss of those rewards. Please follow the steps in the diagram below to avoid losing pending rewards.

Splitting veNFTs

If you would like to split a veNFT into multiple smaller positions, you can do so easily from the "Split" tab on the Manage Lock screen.

Use the slider to indicate the number of veNFTs you would like to create, and use the arrow keys to indicate the amount of veCHR you would like each of the new veNFTs to contain.

Note that you must reset your votes for the current epoch before you can split your veNFT.

Also note that splitting veNFTs will result in a loss of any pending rewards, as it changes the NFT ID that grants access to those rewards.

Transferring veNFTs

From the "Transfer" tab on the Manage Lock screen, indicate the address you would like to tranfer your veNFT to and click the "Transfer" button.

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