Liquidity Pools

Add Liquidity to Earn $CHR

Chronos enables secure trading of digital assets with minimal fees and low slippage.

Slippage is the difference between the current market price of an asset and the price at which the actual trade/transaction is executed. This difference could result in a smaller amount (higher price paid) or a higher amount (smaller price paid) of desired tokens returned from a trade.

Chronos offers two different types of liquidity pools types based on the tokens being provided:

  • sAMM - for strongly correlated pairs, such as stablecoins

  • vAMM - for uncorrelated pairs, such as $CHR and $ETH

Liquidity Provisioning

Users can provide liquidity to Chronos pools in exchange for LP tokens. Staking LP tokens on the platform makes users eligible for $CHR emissions, with base emission rates determined by Chronos gauges, controlled by $veCHR voters.

Maturity-Adjusted LP Returns

Chronos utilizes an upgraded MasterChef contract called the Reliquary, inspired by the Byte Masons. This allows liquidity providers to earn boosted emissions over time, with longer-staked liquidity positions receiving higher $CHR percentages per epoch.

When users provide liquidity to any of Chronos's liquidity pools, they'll be given the option of staking their LP tokens on the platform to receive a maNFT. This maturity-adjusted NFT tracks the tokens and amounts provided, as well as the age of the staked position. Staked positions earn an emissions boost for up to 6 epochs, with the maximum boost being 2x and accruing linearly at 0.2x per epoch. After 6 epochs, the maNFT is considered fully mature and will continue earning $CHR at the maximally boosted rate into perpetuity or until it is unstaked.

Unlike the veNFT, there is no lock-up period for maNFTs. Users are free to unstake their position at any time and retrieve their tokens from the pool. However, doing so will result in the loss of any emissions boost that has been earned up to this point. maNFTs can be merged via the Chronos UI. Please note that only maNFTs that have the same maturity level can be merged at this time.

Users are also able to split up (partial removal), and transfer their maNFT at any time without penalty.

maNFTs are tradeable on any exchange that supports ERC-721 NFTs. In time, Chronos plans to release its own dedicated fNFT marketplace to support secondary sales on Arbitrum.

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