Liquidity & Staking Guide

Adding Liquidity to Existing Pools

To add liquidity to Chronos's existing pools, first navigate to the "Liquidity" tab at the top of the screen. Here, you'll see a list of all of Chronos's active LPs. Individual tokens can be searched for using the search bar, and will display a list of all active pools that contain that token.

Please note that Chronos uses two different types of pools:

  • SAMM Pools are for stable pairs, meaning their price does not change relative to one another. Examples include USDC/USDT, frxETH/WETH, or spCHR/CHR.

  • VAMM Pools are for volatile pairs, meaning their prices move independently of one another. Examples include CHR/WETH, TAROT/USDC, and ARB/WETH

Never deposit volatile assets into stable pools. If you deposit volatile assets into an SAMM pool, you will experience amplified impermanent loss and lose money.

Once you have found the pool you wish to add liquidity to, click the "Manage" button on the right side of the screen that corresponds to that pool. Doing so will bring up a new page. From here, you can create a new liquidity position by depositing the the desired assets.

Creating New Liquidity Pools

If the pool you want to add liquidity to does not appear during a search, you can create the pool by clicking the "Create New Pool" button above the search bar on the "Liquidity" tab. You will need to indicate which assets you'd like to create the pool with, as well as whether you want it to be a Stable or a Volatile pool. Please not that new pools can only be created with tokens that have been previously whitelisted. If you would like to create liquidity incentives for an unwhitelisted token, please visit our Discord server and speak with a member of the Chronos team about how to get whitelisted.

Staking LPs

Before you can begin earning CHR emissions, you will need to stake your LPs. In most cases, this can be done automatically at the time liquidity is provided by clicking the "Deposit and Stake" button at the bottom of the Liquidity Management screen.

If you have an LP token that was not previously staked, or if staking fails, you can also stake the LP manually by navigating to the "Staking" tab on the Liquidity Management screen.

Once you have successfully staked your LP you will begin earning CHR emissions immediately.

Claiming CHR Rewards

There are two ways to claim CHR rewards:

  1. From the "Liquidity" tab, click the "Claim Your Earnings" button. You'll be given the option to claim fees and emissions from all pools you've provided liquidity to. Note that staked positions do not earn any fees. By staking, you are agreeing to send the fees earned by your position to the veCHR voters in exchange for the right to earn emissions.

  2. Clicking the "Manage" button will bring up the Liquidity Management screen. From here, you'll have the option of claiming fees/emissions from the individual pools.

Unstaking and Withdrawing Liquidity

Staked positions must be unstaked before you can withdraw your liquidity. To unstake a position, navigate to the Liquidity Management screen for the selected pair. Go to the "Positions" tab, select the appropriate maNFT, and select "Unstake".

After you have successfully unstaked your position, go to the "Withdraw" tab, indicate the amount of LP you wish to withdraw, whether oyu are withdrawing from a Stable or Volatile pool and click "Withdraw LPs". You will receive tokens in the amounts indicated in the display window.

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